Saturday, October 1, 2011

random awesome

 Its been a very very very long long long time since I've blogged here. Since I've blogged anywhere in fact. I 've decided to take some rest from blogging world because day by day (haru haru), I started to lose the passion of writing...until at one point, I just know that I have to stop convincing myself that writing is fun. It is not anymore. During that very very very long long time...writing is known to my brain as a chore. like when you are studying..and at some point you feel like wanting to burn the books to ashes and get married... that's how it felt like. Because in our naive mind marriage is the happily ever after endings.....little did we know that it is not the is just a brand new beginning.

My lecturer asked me recently, not me in particular, it was to the whole class actual fact, he was not asking,. he was so convinced that all of us must remember our first day of school, he gave a sweeping statement and consider every single person in the classroom remembered. Everyone (in my mind it was everyone) were nodding their heads..and some of them  echoed 'YES~~~~ ' . You know, the echoed YES, the one English word that we love to use in most classroom, so the teacher would feel that we are listening to them. Its a lame tactic..but it works. I was there sitting in the class reminiscing, when do this all started...who is my first classmate..who is my first teacher...I can't remember a thing. I know its in Kuala Kangsar...somewhere in Kuala Kangsar.It is such a humongous loss not being able to remember the most historical moment in my life. The moment where I learn about the existence of school, textbooks, unifroms and the canteen's nasi lemak. The only thing that I can remember is how I cheat in the exam..hihi.... I asked my friend next to me (I cant remember her name or her face) how to spell 'TREE' and she gave me the answer right away, forgetting that in exam we weren't supposed to speak.

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