Tuesday, March 1, 2011

mengarut sepanjang 3 paragraph= man and makeup

I don't know about you, but I really can't accept this phenomenon right now. Call me a stereotype, narrow- minded..or anything bad you can think of..but this thing definitely gets a concrete 2 thumbs down from me. If ada group seperti ini di FB, I would proudly be one of the people yang akan push the "like" button.

Guys..please just be guys. Leave the hassle and tassel of makeup-ing to woman.I thought sepatutnya ada boundaries to this issue you know...guys should know sejak azali lagi bahawa makeup and man don't mingle. They just don't belong to each other..they are not meant to be together. Eyeliner, mascara, foundation, lipstick is all womens' stuff. And sekarang pun..sudah ada term PRETTY BOY and I was like WTH =.=' the word PRETTY belongs to us girls. Don't steal it away from us. We already have enough competition in our own species.

Last but not least, man..guys..dude... should be tough and masculine. They should.......get some scars ,you know....get into an accident and get scars, break their legs and arms...loose a finger or two. They don't need makeup to cover any flaw. They need to flaunt it proudly...it is a symbol of their enduringness. Be wild. I like MAN to be MANLY.


MK said...

get into accident & get scars..hehehe ini tak tahan nak baca.

lagi satu sgt setuju that We already have enough competition in our own species..puhhleeaaseee kasik chancelah sket kat kami yg jelita ni.

thank god my man is manly enough so that i can act like a woman. :D

cheers kak long! i miss u banyak!

Hasnida Sidek said...

I'm with you in this. Plus, this is the major reason why I'm not a fan of Korean actors - if you know what I mean.


Pakcoh said...

Pandangan ambe pasal pic laki ni.. Maybe dia ni jenis gothic kut.. hahaha

~aisya~ said...

break their legs and arms...loose a finger or two??hahahha..what a nice post!!i'm so agree wf u mira cz sometimes xtahan jgk tgk boys ngade nk bli itu ini (make up and lotion etc) mengalahkn perempuan.. :p