Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For car maniac

I don't know much about cars. In fact, come to think of it...I  know nothing about cars. But, oleh kerana museum ini (Conventry Transport Museum) free, so I pun masuklah and I took a lot of pictures for Mr Tigeria since dia gila kereta. Things I do for love.. 

Nice vintage car

it's pink!

I can't remember what model is this..but I rasa kereta ni tak dijual...just a prototype.

same as this one. Not for sale, its only a prototype. But the design is cool. Macam kereta alien.

So....that's it. Quite a lot of pictures..few words. I don't really know how to describe each car....maybe I should ask Mr Tigeria to edit this post later. hihi..


Azham Vosovic said...

Saya suka kereta SUV atau MPV... tak sabar nak ada kereta sendiri...

MTM said...

azham vosovic: da ade lesen ke blum?hehe