Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your Facebook account

Hari ni.seperti biasa, as always..I buka my FB account. Tengok Home, tengok Newsfeed, tengok Notification, stalk my friends new pictures... but hari ni ada something new..ada message in my inbox. So, I pun buka.

hello dear

How are you doing today and also your work?i hope that your fine, in good health and doing great today. Anyway, nice to meet you lovely lady my name is .....................I  am from Geneva but live and work here in Edinburgh.

well my dear i can not behold my eyes wen i see your profile pictures you are so sweet and lovely and that is why i discard to drop you this sort mail just to let you know that i will like to be your close friend if you don't mind and please send me your email address so that i can write you and tell you more about myself and we can get to know each other better keep in touch. 

Do take a very good care of your self for me okay, i hope to read back from you again soonest and that will really make up my day .

So.what do you think? ada rasa seperti message seorang pedophile tak? I terus tengok profile dia. Mana tahu if I kenal..mana tahu if the person is actually my lecturer saja nak main prank ke atas I. But, I found nothing. I really don't know this person...and I  bet he doesn't know me too. I am just a random person yang dia terasa nak bagi message. Whether this is his real profile, or just a fake profile I pun tak sure. But what I am sure is, his message is creepy. Hasil perbincangan bersama Mr Tigeria and my friends, I decided to block this person.

However, at the same time I rasa bersyukur because he decided to give this message to me instead of any other girls. Just imagine if he gives this to budak perempuan hingusan yang tak cukup umur, budak perempuan yang easily get over excited dengan kata-kata pujian...budak perempuan yang merasakan dunia ini penuh dengan manusia yang berhati mulia belaka. At first, maybe you think bagi email je..bukan apa-apa pun. But before you know it, tiba-tiba dia sudah ada your alamat and your mobile number. People yang sudah lama berkecimpung dalam bidang ini ada plan yang sangat terperinci. Don't give them any chance at all. 

So friends, go and check your FB privacy setting now...make sure all of your pictures and your personal information are protected securely.

In case you are wondering, this is the picture yang I letak for my profile pic. Rasa nak tergelak bukan? dengan pipi bulatnya.....rama-rama pink hasil editing... I think this is gambar yang paling lawak I pernah letak as my profile pic. Well, I letak gambar ni pun untuk berlawak jenaka ( lawak yang hanya dapat difahami oleh orang yang berkaitan sahaja..harap maklum) what I can say is...mereka tidak memilih mangsa. Asal ada yang melayan..mereka sapu sahaja. Tidak kiralah jika anda ada double chin or not.



NorFa NFMD said...

me experienced the same thing,but the person was from US and sorang lagi from Iran..
man with sweet words is dangerous babe!

~aisya~ said...

nice post dear..bgs tok reminds all girls esp yg cpt 'melatah' n di awang-awangan..huhuhu..cha dr awl dlu dah set evrytg for friends only cz ade my friend pnah kena dlu..scary gak..dye reply n suddenly he started to tag her with XXXX pixas..

MTM said...

norfa: careful girl! laki bermulut manis slalunye buaya..hehe

MTM said...

~aisya~: really? bhayenye....mybe lelaki tu tgh gersang.. =.=

...geli plak bile pikir cmtu..