Friday, April 16, 2010

3 pretty girls in Wonderland!

once upon a time, in one fine evening, Mira got a call from Alice.

Alice : hye babe! are you free this evening?

Mira : heyaa... long time no see. I'm as free as a bird today.btw, i just watched
your movie, and i think you should put a lil bit more blusher. you look very pale..

Alice : really??? i knew it! i'll sue that makeup artist later..anyway,great! then feel free to come to our tea party today. Mad Hatter is dying to meet you. he wanted to show you his new hair cut.

Mira : cool... I'll ask Hanz and Ruzel to tag along =)

so you see.... although im really busy studying for the upcoming exam *chewah*, I really think i shouldn't disappoint Alice. when we arrived there...

we were greeted by Mr Mad Hatter! btw, sorry to say this, but honestly, your hair looks da same to me..

i was soo excited as all of them were there just to have tea with us... here are the Red Queen and Mr white Rabbit.... yeah..we know, we know..we we only late for 5 minutes Mr White Rabbit!

the white queen was really beautiful... =)

Cheshire Cat said that we should try the cakes...but should I believe him with his nasty nasty grin??

here's mad hatter again! offering us some tea...

and of course, there's Alice!

Alice, if you are reading this, we wanna thank you for that fabulous tea party. hope that you will invite us again next time!


ninis said...

waaaaaaaaaaa.bestnye pergi wonderland.jeles2.haha~

ツhʋƨиα ツ said...

awesome !
cool haha ;)

sebelas said...

gi wonderland tak ajak pun....


Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

ninis : hihihi....dpt jmputan khas tu

husna : super cool...

sebelas : sori la...lupe..huhu

Azham Vosovic said...

hahahaha, comelnya post kali ni... nk g jumpa White Queen, she's hot!

anis hamzah said...

bezt nyer... kat mane ni ek?

ziha said...

haha..comel jek..g mane ni smpi dpt jpe alice?

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

azham : yeah..dats da word! HOT!

anis : kt wonderland la..hehehe...gurau2..jgn mare..klcc ni

ziha : klcc! pg cepat2!