Friday, June 12, 2009


just for fun..wink wink..

its and holiday AGAIN!! suprised.. im actually sick and tired of da nothing to do...maybe i should update my blog..huhuhu..sorii..been busy (sooo not true..) and been lazy lately...da thing is..i already has a blog.. (in friendster) but seems soooo kinda lame i decided to move here. have you ever feel've been playing some kinda game for sooo damn long then you have to repeat it all over again?? that is just how i feel..writing this blog.

dont get me wrong..i love blogging..just..repeating it all over again..being a dumb blogger again... and not very familiar with this blogger thingy...and it is annoying thinking that people (my friends...relative..secret admires?? uuuu...) might be visiting my blog..and find it.............LAME...BORINK.....and god knows what...(okiee.....maybe i think too much) its not my fault ok! im still learning.. you just wait and see!!

anyway....i just bump into a cute lil blog (hanis zalikha..if im not mistaken..) is a cool me..she's a pretty gal...same age as me i think...and best of all..she's a model. i repeat again..a MODEL. just imagine how pretty she might be.huhuhu..... as i was browsing (is it da right term?..guess sounds cool) her pic...and then OMG....there's marlisa posing together with her!! (marlisa is 1 of ma bestie in mrsm soo..let me get this straight...

marlisa (my fwen)+ posing with hanis (a model) = relative???

WHAT THE asdsrfweru .....

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