Tuesday, May 12, 2009


im on top of da world!!!!

ok2….hye guyz! im soooooooo thrilled to be able to make my first debute.theeeee….nway….actually, im not very fond of blogging at 1st.

well…..that happen after i read one article which conclude that blogging is a trashy2 thingy…and it revealed all of our secret! (even da dirty one..uuuuuu..) but then…..i went to this blog (by accident actually) and i find that..it is pretty fun..

believe me..it is fun….here are a few evidences ( as cited by me!..ahaks)

1.you can fool people that you are very3 tremendously good in english writing (there ’s a spelling check!…cool…)

2. you can show your innocent sweet little angel side here..(by posting only da good thing of course…like…studying is fun,assignment give a lot of benefit, respect your bloody younger brother even though they make a mess in your room…..etc..)

3. da best of all, i can share my knowledge with all of u! (even though im not really knowledgeable….yet!)

ok2…maybe da 1st two option is quite….well……not appropriate..but hey…trust me..there are people out there who did that.huhu….(even me sometimes…)

anyway…..da only reason why i choose to write in english is to improve my english ok..no biggy…im tesl student after all…sooo, because of that, and because of my english is not very “nice” (my vocab and grammar are terrible i tell you! terrible!!!) i would appreciate it if da visitor (if i have any la) would kindly correct me if i do anything wrong ok!

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