Friday, December 2, 2011

Unconditional love

Warning: This post is just a random thought of mine, it might lead to severe confusion. hee~

I just started to realize that I was being too comfortable being someone who I don't want to be. The negativity  is overwhelming. Its been sucking all of the happiness I should be able to enjoy. The previous days were a dark path for me. Guess its just part of growing up and part of learning.  On the positive side, I am glad I've discover this sooner...a bit reflective session with myself is all I need. And of course, a lot of help from Allah too =) He is the one who will always accept me no matter how bad I've become, He will lift me up when I'm in my darkest moment.He is the one who will always help me even though I always forget about Him. He is the One who will always be by my side. I should've known, I am never going to be alone.

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