Saturday, October 8, 2011

My chinese name is Mi Ruo Xi (Precious)

Living in a foreign country has its ups and downs. Normally I would prefer to mention more about the ups as the downs is not worth talking about. But being raised in a multicultural society, it never occurred to me that people would bother to put efforts just to show discrimination acts towards an outsider, a "terrorist" ( according to them), specifically, a girl with a hijab on her head.

I wonder why does some people could not accept the fact that differences is normal and certainly is not a bad thing. Differences should be embraced and celebrated because it determine who you really are. Just because some minorities have different sets of belief, it does not mean that they are lesser in any ways. It is sad and frustrating to see some people are just too full of themselves and at some point, they started to think that their way of living is the only alternative, everything besides that is unacceptable.

Perhaps they have forgotten that the only ideal way of living is the one created by the Almighty for all human beings regardless all the differences that they could possibly list down.

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Hasnida Sidek said...

awwww sayanggggg. be strong okay?