Sunday, May 22, 2011


For a mere mortal like me to be sincere is difficult. As mere mortal , I constantly crave for approval and appreciation from people. I want people to know that I had done a good deed..I want them to praise me..I want to know that I am the one yang buang sampah dekat luar hari ini, bukan orang lain. I want them to realize yang I  was the one yang ambil surat-murat segala macam parcels if postman that they will know that I yang berjasa. bukan orang lain. ITS ME ME ME.

Boleh nampak tak betapa arrogant nya kenyataan di atas? As a muslim, what is my right untuk merungut nasib diri padahal Dia hanya suruh I tolong kawan-kawan bukannya suruh berperang di Afghanistan.

Yes. perhaps I will get approval. Certainly people will thank me. But do I expect to get anything from Him up above? In reality, all my efforts yang I dok merungut-merungut tu hanya sia -sia di sisi-Nya. Sebelah mata pun Dia tak pandang.

of course there will always be people who will take advantage on any kindness. But always try to see the bright side of it, every task that is given come with reasons. Maybe it teaches us to be more patient, more redha..or maybe for a lazy bum like me, yang selalu bergolek atas katil 24/7 supaya menjadi lebih active. hehehe...

Being sincere is damn hard. It is tiring, its time consuming and my patience sometimes is wearing thin by it. But sincerity is a special gift sebabnya Ikhlas adalah rahsia Tuhan hinggakan para malaikat pun tidak tahu dan  tidak dapat mengesannya.

I am trying my best to be sincere. wish me luck!

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