Tuesday, February 1, 2011

story made with love

I have been craving for this cerita along time ago. Everytime I went to the cinema, I teringin sangat nak tengok. But tak tahu kenapa tak pernah kesampaian. Now baru I dapat tengok, outdated sungguh. One of the main reason why I nak sangat tengok is because it is by Yasmin Ahmad. I love every single one of her production. Be it the advertisement yang dia direct, sampailah her movie production. I am madly in love with them all. Jalan cerita dia tak pernah rumit, everything is so simple. She simply wanna show us our everyday life, things that we did not see. Things that we always take for granted. Things yang kita tak pernah perasan...tu lah yang dia ketengahan. And tu jugalah yang buatkan her productions jadi sangat special. One of a kind.

 If her movies diberi perumpamaan, I rasa movie dia macam pasu yang diukir dengan details bunga-bunga yang sangat rumit. (ok, i suck in giving perumpamaan)

anyhow, there is nothing you can hate about Talentime. Adibah Nor is so funny. And siapa sangka Jaclyn Victor can act so well?  btw,  The OST sangat menusuk kalbu. It is called "Angel"

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you....


Hasnida Sidek said...

i pun nangis jugaaaaak tgk cerita ini. T_T

MTM said...

hassy : mmg sedih ending die..but x phm sgt..mak die mati mkn strawberi ke hape?