Tuesday, February 1, 2011


its hard to be 'ikhlas' all the time. For instance, now. Its 8.24 a.m in the UK, 36 more minutes before I begin my lazy steps to the uni. Its hard to be 'ikhlas' when you have to walk meredah kesejukan suhu negative. Its very hard to go and listen to the lectures every morning, everyday,every week. Everything seems so insignificantly lame for the time being, but I am pretty sure it will be handy in the future.So......... Just have to bear with it, just have to keep trying to improve, just have to keep trying to be 'ikhlas' no matter what. and hope for the best of course. Semoga perjalanan hidupku akan dipermudahkan oleh-Nya. 

btw, I found this picture some time ago... nice huh. 

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Anonymous said...

yeah go mirali! kte dlm keadaan yg same cuma tempat yg berbeza..anyway gud luck teacher :D