Sunday, November 7, 2010


Happy Deepavali all!!

so I am right on the track again. I always always always got distracted from blogging nowadays. because U see..there's facebook, You Tube (I love to see the hijab tutorial by Amenakin..thanks to my dearest friend...Hasnida who introduce me to her) and there's Tube Plus! which is my newest obsession for the last couple of days. and of course..there's my old time favourite Sudoku in my BB. i really can't take my eyes of it.

anyhow, yesterday was freaking fun. my Indian friends invited me to their deepavali house warming. You might noticed that we did a lot of house warming here in Canterbury.the food was HEAVEN! i didn't know which one to eat first so I just piled up everything my plate can hold. the ayam masak merah was superb and so is the rendang...the vade (am I speling this right?) the manisan made from milk..i kinda forget what the name was..and the kek batik....

the Vade! I feel kinda regret tak tapau the Vade the other day..because now I am literally craving for it. the Vade makes me miss Malaysia a lot.

our happy faces


btw..all of the pictures I curi from my friends..I did bring my camera..but I got lost in the land of food........and I forgot about the existence of the camera in my bag


Hasnida Sidek said...

honeeeey you've bought bb alreadyyyy?
alahai comelnya comelnya. kite yg dekat sini nak beli nokia 3310 pun berpeluh. =P

L@g3nd@ buD@k N@k@L said...

vade tu~~cm cucur kodok jer



pic awek kt atas tu cun oooooooo

si biskut said...

owh nie lar rupenyer Vade..hmmm

MTM said...

hasnida : yup..thihihi..its a bargain! u could get 2 bb here for the price of one in malaysia!

LBN : haa..btol3...kueh traditional org india. btw..awek cun tu sume kwn MTM..hihih

si biskut : la biskut x?

meso said...

vadeee.... happy deepavaliiii~

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