Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bits about Canterbury (Part 1)

gambar sekadar hiasan...terime kasih...

1. the drivers will actually stops at yellow light.

2. pejalan kaki (pedestrians) will always be first.

3. shopkeepers will call you "love" or "darling"

4. The shelves in the library can move by itself!

5. we will always have read the ingredients for everything that we wanna buy (kat Malaysia bedal je) coz the food may contained pork@wine.....

6. we must always check the material of the shoes that we wanna buy.becoz most of the kasut yang murah2 is made of kulit khinzir...

7. we can never eat at KFC, MCD, Subway or Pizza Hut, Dominos....except if the restaurants display Halal logo (only availble in London...not in Canterbury though)

8. E bay becomes the best shopping complex ever

9. the movie ticket cost about 6 pounds per person (RM30)

10. perfumes and handphones are quite cheaper here compared to the one in Malaysia

11. there are self-checkout counters in stores... you can scan, bag and pay the items by yourself.


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