Sunday, August 1, 2010

Am I thinking too much?

I am a freelance writer. I only write if I want to. sometimes I write every single day...even maybe 2 to 3 post in one day...or maybe none at all for months. I write things randomly...sometimes it excite people...most of the time it is just plain...sometimes it can be annoying..and sometimes I write based on my emotion. People can see my weaknesses, my strength thorough my writing and actually it does bother me a bothers me a lot. so why do I kept on writing?

I always wanted to be the perfect type of person...who never make mistakes..who excel in every single thing I endure myself with. and most of the time.........I just can't be the person that I wish I am. I make mistakes trillion times... I fail countless time...I wish the impossible..... and its ironic right now that I am telling you about this......despite the fact that I really want to be perfect in your why do I kept on writing?

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flisset said...

mira..aku pon jd konfius.. (^_^') huhu.