Friday, June 18, 2010

should I not cry?

Mr Tigeria was sick, and I really don't know why


Both of my brothers and my mom had a fever


my mom was hospitalized because of dengue fever


Someone broke into our house and stole my laptop and my new camera


I am the hell will I ever be able to get both of that stuff back? even if I manage to get a new laptop and a new camera, it just won't be the same. (Sentimental value..heard of that word?)

im sorry........just wanna clear up my mind a bit...........


Dyana Hashim said...

just like my mom's words,
the new one never be the same altho it is hundred times better than the old one.
be strong , mira !

selipar biru said...

dearest mira,
b strong!
i hope all your dearest persons get well soon =)
to the burglar, hope he or she return back (it sounds ipossible, yeah)
but, mostly, may u get better ones (^_^)
there must be some good things behind these obstacles =)

flisset said...

i dont know what else to say.
it seems everyone asked u to be,be strong!

kem salam kat ur family k plus tiger.and take a good care of them.

god bless u.

its okey.kiter samer2 pinjam kamera org jer mira!hehe.jgn sedey2.kwn2 ada.

happy2 slalu!

Nor fatimah Md don said...

be strong mira~tiap kesulitan ujian dariNya..akan ada hikamh nanti..insyaAllah..^_^