Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

G.R.O.O.M.I.N.G...... i immediately went blank.....grooming? does grooming include makeup? or is it just the basic stuff like taking a bath, looking tidy and spraying the Adidas deodorant? thihihi.... refusing to linger in the deep confusion, *chewah* i immediately googled it and I immediately got the answer! this is the immediate answer that i got:

Grooming is like...Bathing,Brushing.. Basically like cleaning up an animal

source : wiki answer

anyway....despite the more confusing answer provided by wiki answer, i finally understand that grooming include everything that are suppose to make you look good, feel good in order to make a good impression of yourself. so this include makeup, brushing your teeth, bathing and........................................ applying Adidas deodorant! thihihi...

so. here's a few tips for you ladies and gentlemen! :

1. as for me, my grooming session starts in the morning.. before i went to class. firstly, i have to wake up first before grooming..duh~ start your day with a smile and drink some water first before you do anything else. your face will glow for the rest of the day... =)

2. i always wake up earlier then everybody else because of the fact that i love to take my time in the bathroom. putting a few drops of lavender aromatherapy essential oil in the bathtub, and i will be in there for hours...and hours and hours....




ok..i lied.........thats only occur in my fantasy..thihihi.... fyi, in reality, there is no bathtub. there is just a small green pail in my bathroom which only will fit my head..... but that doesn't mean i can't enjoy my bath right? my trick is to choose aromatic shower gel with lavender/rose/ honey essence or any other shower gel with pleasant smell as it is proven to reduce stress!

3. the process goes on.... brushing my teeth, gargling.....and washing my face with the facial cleanser. da basic stuff la macha! remember, always wash your face after you wash your hair and after you brush your teeth. this is because, there are some chemical stuff in the toothpaste and in the shampoo/conditioner that can block your pores!

4. then the makeup session....no foundation..no blusher...no mascara...just some moisturizer because my skin tend to be dry without it, compact powder and lipgloss. then, im ready to go! however, the healthy skin care regime should include toning and moisturizing ok!

5.owh! i almost forgot.................. dont forget the deodorant! thhihihi..... apply deodorant after shower in order to feel refresh all day! another tips that might be useful when using the spray deodorant. like Adidas one,

1. shake the bottle first!

2. make sure you spray it 15 cm away from the body.

3. evenly coat the underarm region by spraying it for approximately 2 seconds.

4. allow the deodorant to dry before putting on cloth

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