Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

Konnichiwa minna san...watashi no namae wa Nur Amira desu!

from that extract....*chewah, macam exam question*, can you guess where the heck will my dream destination be?

tut..tut...tut....tut...tuttttttttttttt!!!!!! times up...its the magnificent JAPAN! Im like dying to go there since I was 12 years old, blame it all to the cute anime who speaks Japanese cutely and wears those cute Harajuku stuff. but of course, it requires a generous amount of $$$$$$.....sigh~

made in Harajuku street

nice cosplay..nk jugak!

sakura blossoms..... i will kill to witness this with my own eyes

mount Fuji...looks like vanilla ice cream..yum yum yum~

so, since I was 12, i have been practicing to speak in Japanese in order to achieve that goal so that I can communicate with Cardcaptor Sakura fluently. *dream on* I even did revision every single day by watching the anime 24/7 non stop on Animax. just imagine how determine I was!

yummy yummy yummy~~~

and owh! did I mention that i am a sushi addict? *ask Mr Tigeria who always had to belanja me Sushi King* that adds to the fact that there is a chemistry between me and if we were meant to meet... I simply love every single thing about JAPAN. by hook or by crook, one day, i hope i can set my two feet there, (also my body my luggage la...) Cardcaptor Sakura chan, wait for me!!

Mata ashta minna san!

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Nor fatimah Md don said...

aloLo..maO pergi jaPAn ke..ngatkan muKA arab maO pergi aRab..ngee~

yott said...

saya tgh menabung
teringin nak pergi Greek islands

farahfatihah said...

hi mira...bagsu2 ada cita2...mmg best tau g time tu sakura xbebunga huhuhu jgn lupa g disneyland gak..sgt seronok...kalau mira jenis suka anime, jgn lupa g kat bandar dia..mmg giler lah huhu

fiz mr.beloved said...

shoutmix kamo ade masalah, so ak komen kt cni..klu bnyk duit aku nk p smua tempat kecuali Israel..huhu

.::WaNiE::. said...

nk ikotttt hikihikhik

encik tikus said...

nanti akak gerak jepon saye nak join sepayung okee? ;)

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

norfa : hehe..nk jmpe orang cute miut kt ctu

yott : hehehe..gud luck!

farahfatihah : da pnh pegi ye? mst best kan...nk pg harajuku street!

fiz mr.beloved: ade masalh? rasenye ok je....blogger len bley je komen kt chatbox...mybe da ditakdirkan bg komen kot.hihi

wanie : jom2!