Friday, April 30, 2010

chikaro is a bad, bad word.......

please click da pic if the writing is not clear enough...its damn funny..

those girls abso-freaking-lutely pissed me off! who did they think they are? come on la...kalau anak dato' pun, don't have to act so rude ladies!

it is so unnecessary to laugh your head off and simply considered all of us, the normal human being in the shop are deaf.

it is so rude say
" lembab gile cashier ni!!" out loud while you are standing in front of him. although he was a bit slow, please remember that normal people, have feelings! they are not machines.

it is alright if you have an effort to speak in English, but whats up with the
fake British accent? and please bear in mind that its ok to say "DUH~~~" but it was annoying if you kept on repeating it every time you finished your sentence.

btw girls, the cute boy that you were staring was actually
my freaking boyfriend! well HULLO!!! it is sooooooooooooo not acceptable to comment about my boyfriend in front of me and kept on staring at him... and hoping that he might look at you and smile.. (uwekss~) like he's ever gonna notice you exist..duh~

there! i've said it! fuh, it feels so damn great................


laila said...

duh~ tu mmg real la kan?
klu dah start sebut mmg jd habit
smpai xlarat nk kira brapa kali duh~ dia

shey said...

adoi , dun even try to peek at my boyfie . :DD


QilaRaft said...

woh.. bahaya tu mira.. selamatkan tiger~

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

laila : i pn suke ckp duh~ dlm x slalu ok!

shey : hehe..u go gurl!

qilaraft: kalo bley nk tarik2 je rambut dorang time cm x bertamadun plak =P

encik tikus said...

xpaham entry nih,haha :)

the polaris said...

tetiba t'igt smlm g tgk wyg ttbe blackout ,,
sian mnager tuh kne mara gn customer yg nk refund ticket
btw, tq comment page kte,,
law kte de slh ayat *especially english* tlg btol an ea ^^,

Aidi-Safuan said...

haha... im not saying that i disagree with your last point. but the truth is, every man is "that" man. kalau u da tengok movie the ugly truth, then maybe u paham la kot. anyway, cheers! :)

Cik SHiN~JU said...

jgn tarik rambut dorg...x baik..
lastik jer tengkorak dorang tu...
muahahaha... ;p

MTM said...

encik tikus: biar betul anda x phm encik tikus??

the polaris:hehe....kesiannye blackout..anyway, im hepi to help! sy pn bkn betol sgt..haha!

aidi safuan: owh, i tgk cite tu! but..ape ea scene dlm tu yg berkaitan?

cik shin~ju: haha! x smpai hati plak