Thursday, April 29, 2010

*enough said*

i just love tags....because you see..if i don't have any topic, tags will safe the day!
thanks Dyana! god bless you..hehehe

1. How tall should he be?

:: Im about 166 he must be taller than that.

2. What hair colour should he have?

:: black...its an old time favourite. mysterious+Gothic+cool

3. What kind of personality should he have?
:: funny, nice smile, caring,protective,patient and most importantly...kissable and huggable..hihihi.. *gatal na*

4. Older or younger?

:: definitely older, 23 years old maybe?

5. What film actor should he most be like?

:: gonna skip this part. i just want him to be himself

6. What singer should he most be like?

:: himself

7. Do they need to cook?

:: of course! but not better than me..hehe

8. What is his best body part?

:: the eyes...those smiling eyes really catches my attention

9. What car should he drive?

:: wira (BEG ****)

10. What one thing completely turns you on?

:: everything!

11. Who was the guy on your mind when you were doing this survey?

Mr Tigeria!

he makes me speechless

who im gonna tag?

encik tikus
(sile tukar he kepada she ye encik tikus..melainkan anda seorang gay =P)





TTT said...

waaah tq korang~
sweetnye mira..hehe
romantik >.<

nanti TTT jawab ye
ni utang tag TTT no 16 ekekekek
Tq dear~

encik tikus said...

muahaha,thanx for the tag!
muke mr tigeria xboleh blaaaa tga tido,haha

jgn mara yee,:D

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

TTT : wow! byk nye kne tag..nk jgk!!

encik tikus : cute kn? =P