Monday, March 8, 2010

Mr Tigeria and Mira

Haven’t updated my blog for days…… busy with school based experience (SBE). I was entrust to teach (teach ker…..) at SMK La Salle Brickfield, an all boys school.Gotta endure boys all day..Sigh~~ (Sigh ker……… )

Anyway…from now onwards, this blog will be the property of mira (that’s me!) and Mr Tigeria (Alif). He will be writing in Malay, while I will continue writing in English (English ker…….)

This are some info bout him….


23 Years

Had once appeared in a newspaper (Scandal column)

Hobby : Spending money for his girlfriend

: Buying shoes for his girlfriend
: Buying branded clothes for his beloved girlfriend

Ambition : Giving Mira a BMW for her bufday..



flisset said...

haha..plg x thn yg gmbr scandal..

MTM said...

flisset : hehe..gmbar candid tuh