Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lovey Dovey relationship among bloggers surprise me!

I just join Nuffnang...maybe last week if I am not mistaken. Personally, I think Nuffnang is among the best medium to get some pocket money... side income... or whatever term you might call it.the moment I join it..I fall in love immediately. I love Nuffnang because...

1. Its certainly not a SCAM!

2. it does give me some $...eventhough its not that much...but I will work harder!

3. it requires hard work...this is how money is gain people..through HARD WORK! not by login to facebook and get RM100 just like that! ridiculous~~

4. It invites you to fairs and parties


5. the effort to help each other in this blogging world is very surprising!

I was very amazed! blogger world is a very successful example of a win-win situation (a.k.a you help me, I help you...) everyone went blog walking all the time..just to search for ads from other people's blog to give them money! how cool is dat!!

how cool is this!!


sasha* said...

nuffnang best kan :D

encik tikus said...

kalau org baru mcm saye bolee join ke?
btw,memang betol sbg platform terbaek tok carik duet poket
hikhik :P

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

sasha : mmg best! tp i kne usaha lg..huhu

encik tikus : bley je..try la register!