Saturday, March 13, 2010

Confession : Mira's love affairs

I love Penelope Cruz Sanchez

I love Kristen Jaymes Stewart

I love Megan Denise Fox

I love Zhang Ziyi

I love Keira Christina Knightley

Question : Does these love affairs make me a lesbian?
Answer : __________________ (fill in the blank)


zaizax said...

no at all !!
anyway I love Kristen Jaymes Stewart !! oh my bella..

AkuPenulis said...

i loathe bella n of cos kriten stewart..
n for that, my answer will be yes..


megan fox was rumored as a guy..
perhaps u not totally lesbi..

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

zaizax : hehe..ade die hard fan Twilight disini rupenye =)

akupenulis : really?? then both of us kirenye lesbo la ni?? haha

anyway, betol ke megan fox tu guy?

Mr Squeezy said...

but i like taylor swift and catherine zeta jones!

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

mr squeezy : owh! forgot bout catherine zeta jones..... she's a bombshell too! =)

rossoneri said...

no lah...i also admire aishwarya me she's so beautiful without make up..

wawan said...

bukan lesbo.. tapi lebih menghargai benda cantek =P

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

rossoneri : owh..she's beautiful too!!

wawan : setuju dengan anda..=P

fashionista walk said...

hem what about blake lively ,taylor momsen , taylor swift... these gurls maybe new stylish in 2010. however fashion come and go, we cannot predict wat next.but i love megan fox

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

fashionista walk : owh...they all are pretty too..but already taken by these 5 gorgeous ladies..hehe..