Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mid Valley!

i had a veryyyyyyyyy bad experience just now at carrefour mid valley. i was queuing, and i take out rm15 from my pocket. as i was talking to my boyfriend, who was in front of the line, i didn't realize that my rm10 dropped on the floor. the cashier saw this incident i think, because he kept on doing some weird signals to the guard near by (he was telling the guard to take the money ). instead of alerting me, the guard squatted down, took my rm10.at that time, i didn't suspect anything.i i was just curious of the guard's action. of course he went away as quickly a possible after that. i just realized that my rm10 was missing when i handed the money to the damn cashier (who obviously was involved)..the first word that came to me was...SHIT! ( i cant help it...excuse me..huhu)


selipar terbang said...

what the fish... 10 inggit pn nk komplot

amira said...

die nk bli top up kot..haha