Sunday, August 2, 2009



I dont care if its not logical or not...but recently..i kept on thinking that da H1N1 virus will eventually….kill us all !!! I mean, just look all around u..people are getting sicker and sicker…death everywhere, school being closed, people started to swarm da hospital, fever comes and goes….and as if it is not bad enough, the damn haze come and conquer kl. I started to realize da seriousness of this situation when,

1. Da WHO (World Health Organization) stop counting the number of people died because of H1N1….which means, there are toooooooooo many people had died from it…

2. Schools closing……..some IPGM….

3. People started wearing da not-so-cool mask, they should decorate it….there is no harm in doing so rite? (I prefer purdah though…)

4. My frens avoid from going out ( no more handsome guys/nice shoes haunt I guess..)

5. I slept late..thinking bout da unfortunate people (ehm2….no comment~~)

I don’t know, but somehow..this virus is some kind of a sign sent to us…to warn, or maybe to remind us something…that’s what I think though..

I had a fever recently (38.5 )..its quite high..coz I had a headache..its very unusual for me to get a headache u know…luckily..its not H1N1…just da normal fever..which tiger infected me with….hehe…no worries tiger, I don’t blame u… it was meant to be..huhu..chao!

p.s merapu lg hari ni..sori..hukhukhuk

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