Sunday, June 14, 2009

beauty with no brain

korek mata!!

remember when ur in school where theres a lot of clicks..there's da cool one..da bully.da geek
..and so much more.

we are da beauty with brain...hehe

i dont give a damn with all of da other click..except for one ...da so called "cool kid".i mean..why on earth they think dat they are so cool? wut do they have that differentiate them from all of da other kids? and wut does cool means anyway to them?

usually...they are just dat kinda chick who are beauty with no brain..( me..) and wut bugs me the most...they always gave me da look. u know rite..da look that was sooooooo annoying and i feel like i wanted to korek they all pnyer mata. (sorry...a bit rojak..huhu)

i mean..its not my fault ur boyfriend likes me. and i dont even care bout ur boy..he is not dat handsome (tiger is much more handsome la!) anyway..and he's even not that clever (i caught him cheating in exam..) and even if all of da boys in da school likes me..I DONT CARE! i just care bout winning in playing tiang or teng teng in da morning..huhu... and its not even my fault dat im da cutest kid there..(hehehe..a bit exagerating..)

once, i ask them whether i could play netball together with them (using my cute innocent voice of course..duh~) and guess what? they rejected me! "no. we dont want to play with u" (grrrrr.....) owh really..ok what ever you hkgjyiotjho (of course..i dont say it out loud..)

one time..even in the exam hall during da upsr..and unfortunately..i sit next to her..( seriously..i even dont know what her name is..) and she kept on teasing me..."amboi..rajinnyer bace buku..bkn dapat A pn" hello??? dont u know who are you talking to? da one and only student who got straight 5A in da trial shut ur bkljb mouth!! (of course...i dont say it..huhu) bla bla bla..yada yada yada..then da result came..and i got 5A AND SHE GOT NON (HAH! IN UR FACE!)

moral: dont underestimate people easily..they might be a lot more better than u! (and get a new boyfriend if ur boy started to flirt with other girl..)

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