Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Punk Vs Emo

So there's this punk boy
Whose hair is red like Hayley
Never expected him to like toy
Since he is almost thirty (6 years till 30 actually)
His girlfriend is sometimes emo but most of the time girly
despite all that..........this punk boy always loves her sincerely 

And there's this one girl
whose face is so pale, so scary
she's always broke, no wonder she doesn't has Coach to carry
She's not that funny, nor is she pretty
but she knows that the punk boy loves her sincerely, 
and that makes her life jolly, somehow worthy.


alexa yussida said...

suwitttttt la yank:)

MTM said...

alexa yussida : hehe..tq dear..

apple damein said...

mcm lagu..heh?

MTM said...

apple damein: no no no..x men la ciplak lagu..ni ori tau..haha