Monday, February 14, 2011

petua hilang jerawat

Not really a petua folks...but a pengakuan based on experience. =P

I bet everyone pasti pernah dibelenggu masalah jerawat and there are lots of remedies out there which claim to be da ultimate cure to acne and pimples. But let me tell you this...itu semua dusta belaka! Recently, I baru tersedar.... There's no such things as a miracle cream. Hold on to that, and nescaya your money won't be spent on millions of useless indah-khabar-dari-rupa face stuff. So here's the thing that I have tried so far....

its cheap..that's why I bought it. Can't really remember how much..but certainly its under RM5 la. I used to apply it dekat seluruh muka..and then tak buat dah because it is so drying. maybe it is suitable for climate di Malaysia sahaja. If iI didn't apply it for my entire face, I will letak dot-dot atas muka. Ask my housemates..hehe...if nampak makhluk berkeliaran di dalam rumah dengan muka berbintik tu I la.

Verdict : too drying for me, alas it encourages my skin to produce more and more oil. For pimples, it works really well at the beginning, but when your skin started to get used to it, memang dah tak berkesan apa-apa. but worth a try....because I jumpa banyak positive reviews from Malaysian. Further more, its damn cheap.

I also got this from petua-petua in the net. sudah try.. and da result not even negative. It does nothing to my pimples. But I guess boleh try juge if nak...kalau tak berjaya boleh gosok gigi after tu.

Verdict : I can't give any unfortunately as it did not work for me.

Nixoderm is the strongest pimple stuff yang I pernah letak atas my face. It is made of sulphur (belerang). So, you can already predict la kan..if letak atas kulit memang pedih. However, it does work on certain pimples. Because ada je pimples yang hilang terus the next day after I apply this thing at night, and ada yang degil. Although it will sting your skin a bit, the burning sensation tak lama mana pun. 

Verdict : the smell is not that nice. Don't expect it to be all perfumy and flowery. It is sulphur for god sake. The pimple killing power is any other cream. the smell is very overpowering la sometimes.

This is Anatomicals acne wand. It has 2 endings. 1 is for the day time and the other one is to be applied at night. I didn't really read the ingredient thoroughly, but I noticed that it smells like tea tree oil. So I assumed it should has some tea tree oil in it, which is a good thing as tea tree oil is good in fighting acne kan?

Verdict: Nope..still nothing. It did nothing to the my hormonal breakouts (mainly on my forehead). However, I did finish it though...maybe because of the was fun to play with.

see. ..I've told you. there's is no such thing as miracle cream.


shapnuna said...

sy bhnti pkai safi gamat yg utk jerawat sbb ble smpai sni kulit jd kering pkai safi. xsesuai dgn climate ek. huhu
skrg try tea tree body shop n good things for clear face. *finger crossed*

Azham Vosovic said...

Sis Mira: Thank you for sharing. Really I agree with you that there is no such thing as miracle creams that can cure your acne. I have stopped using facial product because it worsen my skin condition.

MTM said...

shapnuna : yup..i think it is not very suitable with da crazy climate here. anyway..gudluck with the body shop tea tree range stuff! =)

MTM said...

Azham Vosovic : your welcome. I dont really stop using facial product, but I stick to da basic routine, which is cleanse, tone and moisturize. Its a pain in the ass though to find the right cleanser, toner and moisturizer since I have a very sensitive skin..but once dah jumpa yng sesuai..stick with it. sebab da result tak kan menjelma for 2 weeks or even months. it tooks years..saba jela

~aisya~ said...

mira, I always used Oxy for my pimples and it really works!! :) hehehhe..n for my facial care pulak,dulu cha pakai body shop kale pink . but, since i got a butterfly on my face which was sooo annoying..huhu..then,I choose to use E45 only~ hehehhe..n berkesan jugak!! :)so,for the moment,i stick with E45 je kot.. :p no facial cleanser, no toner, no day or night cream..just E45 for all.. :p

MTM said...

Aisya: wow..u lucky girl.maybe bergantung pd skin type kot.cha pnye kulit keringkn, U can use almost anything, u can even put vaseline on your skin ..hehe.. Org tak boley nnt pimples dtg menyerang. Org kulit very oily like me terpkse mengikut rutin bsh muke setiap hari..sigh~