Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blogging etiquette and weird neighbour

Today im gonna talk about etiquette. Not just any random kinda etiquette. It will be all about BLOGGING ETIQUETTE. Actually, I have something else in mind, but this issue popped out suddenly after a serious discussion with my housemates. (We always discuss matters seriously fyi.......xoxoxo)

your weird neighbour

Here's the blog, I blog, your sister blog, your teacher blog, your weird neighbour blog....most of us blog nowadays. So, bloggers like you and me............ and your sister and your teacher and your weird neighbour, we are fully aware of the struggle that we have to endure every time we wanna produce something nice and of course something that might attract the readers to read our blog. We wanted them to laugh, to cry, to sympathize us, and most importantly, we want them to feel connected with our story/post.

So you see........bloggers are actually creators. We create our own masterpieces. We are proud of it. We are even prouder when people commented on feedbacks. We feel appreciated. 

When people senang-senang dengan sesuka hati riang ria disney took your idea..your masterpiece and claimed it as theirs, won't you be mad? I won't be...if the person acknowledge me in some way. But that's ok..everyone make mistakes...we learn from mistakes. When you make mistakes, you correct say sorry..and thats exactly what the person did. =) this is a very good example ye friends.

So apa kita belajar hari ini murid-murid? 



fatihah said...

like this!

fatihah said...

nway,ade org tiru my post as well. psl mobile phones that i had been used before. :(

MTM said...

teha : suruh die acknowlege sikit teha! =P