Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hot Singaporean bloggers

So my post for today will be on da hotties from Singapore... I tak kenal sangat blogger from Singapore..but since I berkecimpung dengan Nuffnang, I dapat tahu jugaklah serba sedikit about here goes..

XIAXUE.. tapi name sebenar die Wendy. sgt comel bukan? tapi jangan tertipu..die suke photoshop2 nih.hihi..tapi still comel doubt. not single, dah kawen da pun. belog die interesting because she's truly a good writer. die memang outspoken in her writing, but I enjoy reading it. you can find her link dekat sebelah kanan belog MTM =)

and this is DAWN YANG. extra hot and spicy... partying becoz most of her pictures and post dkt belog die pasal party je....I suke tgk belog die sbb die lawa and lawa. writing die? hmmmmmm....for me not as good as XIAXUE.

unfortunately the cuteness and the prettiness hanye alteration dari manusia semata-mata. both of them undergo plastic surgery..just the only different is.. XIAXUE admit it..while DAWN YANG deny it.

DAWN YANG... need I say more? a picture is worth a thousand words

XIAXUE before

I just stalk 2 orang ni je...ade lagi tak blogger singapore yang hot?

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