Saturday, October 23, 2010

my first house warming in Canterbury

Some of you might be wondering....what da heck is house warming?? is it da same as global warming??? (lol..lawak pandai) and maybe some of you already know what it is..unlike stupid mua... who just happen to know such word exist. its kinda like "rumah terbuka" or you can also call it as "kenduri doa selamat". At least I personally think it was a kenduri.....coz there were food..and people...and cameras...and the recitation of yasin....and of coz..when there's cameras..there will be pictures..and when there's pictures..there will be me! hhihihi.....
bear in were taken AFTER the recitation of yasin...not during okay..(nak kene sambar petir???)


our lovely friends who were willing to come and join da house warming

haha..silly-silly people... i wonder why ruzel looked transparent in this pic..uuuuu

my failed attempt to leap with baju kurung... =.='

it was a very nice evening I should say. everyone came..and even the seniors were willing to come alll the way from London.*terharu*


Azham Vosovic said...

Sis Mira...ada pulut kuning skali x? hehehe

Encik Tikus said...

bestnya ;) *jeles

MTM said...

azham : xde..sbb x taw cmne nk buat..haha..

encik tikus : thihihi...meh la dtg lawat..