Monday, June 7, 2010

Love like Pingu

when a Mrs Penguin lays an egg,

Mr Penguin is the one responsible to take care of the egg.

Mrs Penguin will go out hunting for food during that time.

Mr Penguin has to make sure that the egg remains warm under his feet, therefore he cannot leave his eggs for months which means, he cannot go hunting for food and has to be in hunger for months.

sometimes, when the weather is too cold, Mr Penguin will gather with the other Mr Penguins and stay close together to keep the eggs warm. when the egg finally hatch, Mr Penguin, who had not ate for months will be skinny and starving.

Mrs Penguin will be back by the time the egg hatches, and together, they take care of their child.

Penguin does not change their partner until one of them die.

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MK said...

gitu ek? ok..from now on, please call your pakteh as PakTehPingu (PTP)ok. supaya dia jadik mcm peguin