Saturday, June 5, 2010

cinta and cita-cita are in different word classes

just got back from biro tatanegara and lets just say that im glad its over.not that i dont like it...i really do actually.... i met a lot of new friends from other IPG (institut pendidikan guru) but i forgot to bring my camera with me .DAMN IT!

anyway..i know im supposed to write bout my camera, but since mr tigeria gave me this sweet song (which he had modified a bit..nice try though~) i think i should tell him my secret....

EHM....EHM............. tigeria, im not very good with words myself..
i often tumble upon words..especially when it requires me to express my feeling..
more often than not....
i stole song lyrics and claim it as my own work...thihihi..

but anyhow,
if people ask me, which one do i choose between cinta and cita-cita...
i will simply choose cita-cita
because having you by my side is one of my top cita-cita

p/s :.who da hell makes such statement anyway?? cinta and cita-cita convey a whole different meaning...cinta is a verb..and cita-cita is a noun... duh~~


Encik Tikus said...

wuhuuu~ maybe betul kott bout cinta and cita-cita as u said *betul ke tak b.i saya nih,haha :D

Miss Dolphin said...

cinta itself can be a noun... but cita-cita can never be a verb.... heee.. =)))