Friday, May 7, 2010

who says muslim girls cant do fashion?

my appearance is so boring and lame.................i think i need to change a lil bit..firstly, maybe i should avoid wearing my black tudung EVERY SINGLE TIME i went out..secondly, maybe i should consider these instead,


my favourite!! the scarf looks like hair dont you think so?

just nice..simple and effortless

pretty pretty pretty


is she gorgeous? her fashion style is modest, creative and daring at the same time, or in other words, its high-street Islamified! all of the pictures were taken from here..please just take a look at this blog ladies, you will fall in love at once.

for anyone who don't know her, her name is Hana Tajima-Simpson (Japanese daddy)+ (english mommy). she is a designer who became Muslim about 4 years ago and just gonna start her own company, so basically she is a fashion designer who is going to open her very own store world wide and also an online fashion house for lazy people like me. =P

check out her soon-to-be-open online shop here, and especially to the shopaholic out there, don't forget to sign up in order to be among the first person in-line to pre-order!!


encik tikus said...

sape tuh ? Lawanye :)

MTM said...

encik tikus : die da kawen ok! =P

crayon said...

lawa.. aku jatuh cinta.. :( uh uh.. camna nih?

nuriz said...


nuriz said...

fesyen dia masih menutup aurat kan

Anonymous said...

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