Thursday, April 1, 2010

photo editing anyone?

before i start saying anything ridiculous , let me tell you first. im so not an IT expert. I love to blog, facebooking...yess....but that's as far as i can go with the technology called IT. so...when i learn there are stuff like photofunia....picnik..i was sooooo excited!! ( pathetic rite?) you see, the only photo editing that i had done so far is dis.... but promise first! don't laugh ok....

tahan gelak please...

i know its a very amateur work...but at least i tried. but hey, because of this i was invited to the fair taw! huh!

ok..i lied, that's not the only pic i had editted.. this one too actually..i edit it by using photofunia...

dat's me!

I also using picnik!

Mr tigeria looks cool..but i wonder why my eyes look weird...

anyone has any cool photo editing site that i can try besides photofunia and picnik?


encik tikus said...

xpee cubaan yg baek
saye lgsong xretinak editt
weeeee T_T

Anonymous said...

Just getting started in photography, has give me a huge advantage over well established photographers. I don’t have to buy expensive editing software,learn all the tricks, and waste time on my computer. I started shooting weddings because I love photography and I love people, so that’s what I spend my time doing!
Edit elf