Wednesday, April 7, 2010

“My Date Night”

does it sound pathetic if i said that all my dates with Mr Tigeria were memorable for me? call me a hopeless romantic , but that's the truth. i cherished every second i'm with him, so there will be no regrets after that. way the go mira... now everyone knows you minah jiwang...

however, i do remember one particular date which made my heart melted like chocolate syrup on a banana split. anyway, before i proceed, please don't expect any dramatic scene where we sing and dance in the rain, or roll down the hills in uniforms (uniforms?)
that, my friend........never happened, and i will assure you it will never happen. NEVER EVER

let see...i can't really remember the actual time, but it was somewhere in February. we (the MTM duo la) went out for a movie for the first time together...and it was hilarious!

started at the ticket booth, we cannot decide on any movies. yela, you have to understand the situation was the first time we go out together, so both of us malu-malu kucing comel la... segan-segan silu la... so it was like...

Mr Tigeria :u la pilih..

Mira :ape plak..u la..

Mr Tigeria :i x kesah..

Mira :i pun x kesah..u pilih la..u la...

Mr Tigeria : (sambil pintal2 rambut).. u la pilih....

(ok...I lied....bile mase pulak kami gune I /You...)

anyway, at last we choose to watched "ANAK" which supposed to be a scary movie..but it was so NOT! it was damn boring...but since it was our first date... i can't sleep in the cinema..come on la...jatuh la kredibiliti sebagai gadis ayu berdengkur dlm wayang... i just had to bear the pain of watching a lousy film until the end... as if that is not bad enough, i started to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze again and...catch a cold right at that moment.

" Mr Tigeria might thinks that i carries a very deadly diseases.... or that i have a very weird sneezing habit... just great..."

but to my the end of the movie, he asked me, " sedih ke cerite tu sampai nangis2?"
what the.....?


Ery Farieha said...


encik tikus said...

macam-macam ragam :D

^inas^ said...

korg skrng dah bertunang ke dah kawin?


Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

ery farieha : =P

encik tikus : tu la bos anda yg sebenar... =)

inas : owh ke arah tersebut =) doa2 kn la ye

cemomoi said...

tak penah la pulak masuk panggung