Wednesday, April 14, 2010

da ugly truth

gmbar x pandang camera *konon2 pemalu*

Have you ever encounter anyone with these characteristics?

1. always boasting about themselves (possessions,looks, achievements, boyfriends, etc...)

2. always criticizing the way you look in a bad manner (you look ugly in that/your too fat/ you are not pretty)

3. Can't except suggestions because they think that they are good enough

4. They walk with pride, craving for attentions, wanting people to notice them

believe it or not...if you have any of the indicate that you have a low self esteem!


Azham Vosovic said...

hahaha, i think that, I am the one with characteristic number 4..

encik tikus said...

mr tigeria ckp u xmalu,haha :D

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

azham : mybe everyone pnh rse cmtu...=P

encik tikus : mane ade...saye pmpn bersopan santun

sasha* said...

i ada low self esteem.kdg malu nk jmpe org ramai -_-"

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

sasha : sy pn same...sye pemalu =p

cawan merah said...

saya xde boyfren. so, xleh berlagak psl boyfren. maka, saya x low self esteem. hoyeayh!! hehe

Mr Tigeria & Mira said...

cawan merah :tahniah2!=)