Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I learn a new recipe!

No…its not a rumour ladies and gentlemen…I learn how to make a caramel pudding! Here is the ingredients..its damn easy…please try it at home..=)

For the pudding
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tin of susu cair (bukan susu segar or susu buat air Nescafe…tapi susu untuk ABC TU…)
  • 1 SK (sudu kecil) of essence vanilla (this is a MUST! Or your caramel smells hanyir telur)
  • 1-4 bread ( it depends……if u like your caramel to be a lil bit keras..then put 4 bread…and vice versa of coz)
  • 2 spoon of susu condensed milk (haaa..yang ni susu yang buat Nescafe tu..)

Then…….simply just blend the ingredient in a blender…. Easy rite??


  • 1-2 senduk of sugar (this is also depends.if u more caramel..put more sugar)
  • 1 ¼ senduk of water

On the stove (api sangat kecil ye puan2..), simply just stir the sugar util it melt and turns brownish (hangus la tu.)..not toooooo brown.. as it will alter the taste of the sugar… (hangus sgt jadi pahit ye puan2..) then, just add the water and keep on stirring.
Lastly, pour the caramel in a Loyang, and let it spread evenly.. let it dry for a while… after that, u can put the blender stuff in the Loyang and kukus!

OWH! Don’t forget to put it in the fridge after the kukus process…


Dyana Hashim said...

suke bwat kueh ni sbb sng.
hehe !

MK said...

k.long, correction: condense milk=susu pekat= susu buat nescafe. while susu cair is susu buat ABC. kalu takde susu cair boleh guna susu segar=susu makan with coco crunch.

anyway: my niece's caramel pudding sgt sedap!!!! saya telah menjadi gemuk kerananya. heh!

mere' said...

0uh3!...my fevret!..hahaha

amira said...

dyana : btul2...sng sgt!

MK : owh..terbalik la ni..tq...jp2..nk tuka =)

mere' : ur favourite ke? bley la buat sndri lps ni..=P

nuriz said...

suka sgt puding. tapi bread tu utk apa?

amira said...

nuriz : owh..bread tu kalo x silap untuk keras kn ckit pudding.sbb ade yg suke pudding caramel keras ckit..ade yg suke pudding lembut..=)