Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Noodle station in Mid Valley

Ever heard of noodle station? the place was very comfortable and conducive if u ask me. my first impression about seems quite an expensive place. because i seldom see the restaurant packed with people...but then, last week..we (tiger and I) decided to give it a try. (btw..its in Mid Valley)

this is what i ordered, nasi goreng tomyam with prawn (RM 6.50)...this is the website's pic.

this is the actual pic..

my comment :

1. it was very salty!! i could not finished all of it because it was damn salty.
2. there were only like 2 prawns in there.
3. no veggie at all.. which i like..haha
4. it was serve in a very large plate..i really dont know why..but nothing's bad about that

this is what mr tiger ordered...Ladna Kuey Teow (RM8.50)(pic taken from the web)

this is the actual pic...

my verdict:

1. it was way better than my nasi goreng tomyam (mr tiger, 2010)
2. as usual, served in a very large plate
3. i think they should add more of the kuey teow.. i cant see any from the pic
4. to much veggie! which is a no no for mr tiger.

my hot drink....I ordered snowflake hot choc (RM6.50)..but they gave me this instead...i think the gave me tthe wrong one though..coz in the web...this is hot choc....I WANT MY SNOWFLAKE!

my comments:

1. they gave me the wrong one! hot choc onlly cost about RM3.50....but we have to pay for the price of snowflake hot choc.
2. it was very tasty anyway...but i believe it will be tastier with the SNOWFLAKE!
3. worth buying though....

tiger's ice lemon tea..(RM3.50)

What i think:

1. the glass was atrractive
2. it was not bad i guess..typical ice lemon tea..haha
3. worth a try!

the bill came.....and it was about RM28.50... not that expensive at all! but......................................will i go there again? to eat there...i dont think so..but i would love to try all of the drinks in the has a wide variety of drinks.. check out the website here!


Dyana said...

dh pegi jugak ! hehe
pegi kt trg n mid.
i like the drinks but im not so into thefood. think that i can't finish a plate of mee except for kuew tiau.and for nasik i'm not so interested with wht they serve. hehe!

amira said...

air die best kn! byk sgt...x taw nk plih yang mane 1..hhuhuhu

Hanz said...

nnti pegi minum sudeyh... beza giler kowt nasik grg mira tu!!!!!! mcm yg aku goreng je.. hahaha

amira said...

try beli air suda......anyway..betul tu hanz..nasi goreng yg kite msk gune multipurpose cooker lagi sedap!