Friday, February 19, 2010

my holiday was a blast!!

wanna know why?

1. i managed to find a very cute dress! and of course i bought it! but then.........i dunno when to wear it..haha! im pic for dat....SURPRISE!!

2. i get a vintage green kebaya for free! (a gift from tiger's it was very beautiful.very vintage.and very cool! then again....i dunno when to wear it.....

3. my mom bought me my first ever shawl! very da cute...but..guess what?? i dunno when to wear it......

So?? soo???? what do ya think??

4. my mom and i went shopping crazily with RM60 voucher at Jusco...not a penny spent!

5. i bought a brand new jeans with 70% off!

6. i learnt how to make lepat was very simple..

This pic is solely untuk tatapan Aliaa...haha! ni la lepat pisang taw!

and it was not even my birthday yet!! just wait......what tomorrow might bring ( sila wish ramai2 esok ea.. =P) ..haha!


Aliaa Ezekiel said...

sweet hadiah hari jd..

eh, cane rase lepat pisang?
gmbr dh nmpk.. hehhee~

Dyana said...

cntik la shawl mira !
comel comel :)

amira said...

aliaa : adakah ini symbolism sy kne buatkan lepat pisang utk anda rase?

dyana : really?? ....x mcm arab gile kn?haha

oney said...

eh, kita ada shawl yang sama !
btw, cantik okay awak pakai ;)

amira said...

oney : really?? kmbar la kite =)