Wednesday, February 24, 2010

M y broadband is so slow tonight

My broadband is so slow tonight….

I dunno why….

And there’s so much thing in my mind right now…everything seems mixed up and unorganized………I should take a deep breath….organize it one by one.






I love that u always care about me…always be there for me…

U want me to accept your over protective way..because that is what you are..and you say that you cant change it

Ok..dats fine….no…………………its really is fine

To some extent..i guess..

I really want you to be by side 24/7….

But I understand that sometimes u cant…and that will be the time when I need to be independent on my own

I don’t mind it at used to that….standing on my own feet….

Don’t u understand? Im used to that……I can be on my own when you are not available at the moment. but I cant be on my own forever without you.can u understand that?

Can u understand that I love how you are being so protective?

But limitation to that is needed. Can u understand that when I say these stuff (in the middle of the night waiting for your reply)… doesnt mean I don’t want you to care about me anymore.

Can you understand? Oh please do


sasha* said...

i understand :)

amira said...

haha...glad u do! =)

ogy said...

saba ye?

Dyana Hashim said...

sorry to hear dat mira..
sbr ye ?
tiger syg gila kt mira tu ! hehe :)

amira said...

ogy : da lari umah ibu da...merajuk ngn laki =P
dena : tq dena..haha...i think so too

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

amira said...

anon : haha.. i thought it was pretty boring =)

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