Monday, November 2, 2009

stop judging!

In my personal opinion,
it is totally wrong to judge people only by their action.

I admitted, i did and still do judge people. I know, it is bad..but sometimes, u just can’t avoid it (naughty..Naughty me...)

from now on, i will try my best to avoid such thing~~ huhu...anyway, sometimes, da thing dat u hate about people, eventually sooner or later u will do da same exact thing!( A.k.a… kene batang idung sendiri)

Believe me.....da saying wut goes around comes around is a fact..a full proved fact. Sometimes, people do something for a reason... well, there is always a reason for every action..duh~~

what we conceived on our own perspective might contradicted with the real intention. U know what I mean rite? It is where misunderstanding comes. U should see life in multitude angle, then it will be a lot more interesting!

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