Thursday, November 26, 2009

my addiction : Mc Donald's fries


i am an addict. i admit it, im a die -hard fan of Mc Donald's french fries. everytime i go out, surely i will buy da large one.EVERY SINGLE TIME. Mr Tiger will had to invest RM3.80 (sometimes RM 7.60..huhu..)EVERYTIME we go out together. im addicted.wut can i say? it manage to give you just da right proportion of crispy on the outside (crispy crispy sticks), soft on the inside, salty, mouth-watering, yummy, addictive cheezzyy...(oppss..dats cheezy wedges~)i wonder........when will MCD organize a competition on who can eat da most fries? i 'll be da first one to sign up!

Nothing can beat MCD french fries!!

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Anonymous said...

tag me in!