Thursday, September 24, 2009

WUT DA HECK? (da second)

wut da heck??? i ate like......... dozen jars of kueh raye (da kueh, not da jars..), lemang ,rendang...ketupat..soto..all of does raye food...and guess wut?? i dont gain weight at all!! no no no no....its not a good sign people....bad bad bad sign...i was hoping at least i gain 1 kilo or something like dat,,but ...wut da cdfgrgr??!! where da heck does all of da food went to? i dont even go to toilet (until dis time..huhu) im starting to get jealous... why does it seems very easy for other peopl to gain weight? even if they dont eat anything....they gain like 2 to 3 kilo...i mean, its not that i hated this model like figure of mine (ehem2....anda dialu-alukan utk jeles~~) but, it is just not fair! i eat al ot...i waste money on food more than on my shoes...but theres no effect at all! even my stiletto gave me a few dont have any effect on me...mybe...i dont need any~~huhuhu

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