Saturday, September 12, 2009

stop ignoring love!

i may not get everything i wanted i life, nobody does. but as far as im concerned, im pretty satisfied with wut i have now.VERY satisfied.i mean, wut else can u ask for when u have a lot of people loving u ,care for u, missing u every single day of their precious life? wasting their time just for u? i shud start counting my blessing now(1, 2,3 ,4,5........1000, 10000000000000...zzzzz...) i mean, just look all around u... even strangers giving their love to u.. people sending love thru their sweet smiles.....and even give u their seats in lrt ( such kindness does exist people~) love makes da world go round. hatred brings the world down... so choose wisely dear earthlings!! u wont lose anything when u express some love to others, u wont get hurt, and u even wont get hungrier or poorer..... it is highly recommended..surely it wont bring any harmful side effect if u just give a small dose of love to living creatures. from now on, i will constantly remind myself, to appreciate wut i have, live happily with it....coz u see..people tend to ignore what they have until they lost it. dont be that kinda of people, coz u'll regret it for the rest of u life

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