Monday, August 3, 2009

It bugs me a lot!

It bugs me a lot when people say something like this…….

" X payah pakai makeup sekarang..nnt da kawen x lawa "

isn't she da cutest?

I absolutely don’t agree with dis. Why do you only wannabe pretty when you get married? Let say ur getting married at the age of 25, what about da whole year before u reach 25?? Don’t you want to be pretty at dat time? For me..(personally) I want to be pretty all da time…..of course, I know dat marriage is a big deal, but….hello!! it only last for 1 day! A DAY! So does dat mean, In your whole life, you just gonna be pretty just once? Not for me though

" Orang yang pakai makeup ni saje je nk menunjuk "

Unless you wear something like dis.....

Ok…SO NOT TRUE! What is there to show when everyone around you wear makeup? It is not appropriate to judge people like dis. It’s hurting and it shows disrespect. Makeup is magic…it has the ability to make people feel pretty..Feel great about themselves,love themselves evenmore…what is wrong with dat? Makeup is to boost confidence…I don’t see anything wrong with u?

" Aku sure da kawen nnt mst aku hepi "

You go gurl!!

Same with da previous one..r u going to b hepi just after u get married?? Then y do people get divorce for? Happiness should come every single day. It is such a waste not being able to laugh….and to enjoy life…trust me…

" Ala…sekarang je die mcm tu…da kawen nnt die berubah la "

Here we go again….dis is what I call da hopeless hope…(~ cool~..hehehe) my mom always said, ekau jgn cayo laki ni berubah bilo da kawen. Nyosa x suda nnt! Manusio ni sumo samo! (sori 4 any spelling error…hukhukhuk) so, choose ur hubby properly! Kikikiki…

" Ko x knl die…bley la ko kate die baek "

Wut’s up with dis? Does it mean u are free to talk badly bout ur own frens after u know them? wut happen to a fren in need is a fren indeed?.......back stabbing is DISGUSTING MAN!! Fren supposed to support each other…love each other…and buy shoes together!

" Nape die wat cmtu, kan besenyer org wat cmni…./aku slalu wat cmni… "

Ko silap la clone putih....sume owg amek gmbr senget....

And by saying that, it seems like you aspect every single person in the earth should do and acts like you to be considered as normal. Everyone has their own ways in doing things. Why bother? We’re not clone or twins…why do you aspect us to act like you??

its my point of view though...feel free to disagree if u want... :)

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